Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cody Brown, Age 13, Becomes New Columnist for Northwest Dive News Magazine.

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Idaho's Youngest Master Diver and Author of "Scuba for Kids" Now Pens Monthly Column for Leading Dive Magazine

BOISE, Idaho -- Thirteen-year-old Master Diver and author of "Scuba for Kids," Cody Brown, has just added another accomplishment to his roster. Starting with the February 2007 issue, Cody Brown is now a monthly columnist for Northwest Dive News Magazine (www.nwdivenews.com).

In 2006, Cody made history when he became one of the youngest Certified Master divers in the world at age 12. He followed that accomplishment by publishing a book about diving, "Scuba for Kids," to make other youth and children aware that scuba diving can be safe, fun and even educational. Cody's adventures have made headlines worldwide. In 2007, Cody Brown's quest continues with his appointment as the newest monthly columnist for Northwest Dive News Magazine.

According to Rick Stratton, Northwest Dive News Publisher, "Cody has a fresh approach that brings energy and enthusiasm to our sport."

"According to the Professional Association of Dive Instructors (PADI), the fastest growing demographic in the dive industry is the 13-18 year old segment," he adds. "As a sport and industry, we need to help these readers understand that the sport of diving is a life time journey - not a destination. Through his columns, Cody helps us communicate with the younger demographic by speaking on their level, in a way that they can understand, identify with and desire to emulate."

About Cody Brown

In addition to being a Master Diver, book author and monthly columnist, Cody Brown is also a budding entrepreneur. Together with his father, David Brown, Cody has launched Scuba Cody Productions, an underwater videography business that films in high definition.

Cody enjoys baseball, basketball, karate, math, science and reading. He is also a frequent speaker at schools and organizations. In March, for example, he will make a presentation about underwater life for the Kuna, Idaho school district.

Cody's book "Scuba for Kids" is available from www.scubaforkids.com. The book costs US$18.95 per copy, with part of the proceeds going to Project Aware to help protect the underwater world. Readers can contact Cody directly through www.scubaforkids.com or by calling 208 362-8101. For speaking and other appearances, readers can contact Cheryl Snapp Conner at SNG PR.

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