Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Apparent failure of shark repellent device. (Lacunae)

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A number of products have been developed to protect those in the water from attacks by sharks. In what is reported to be the first such attack an Australian scallop diver has been attacked and killed by a shark while wearing such a device. The professional diver was wearing a electronic deterrent product called a Shark POD when he was attacked and killed, probably by a 7 m long white pointer. Newspaper reports quote the company as saying that there had been no known attack of anyone wearing the device and a fellow diver as saying that divers thought the device would protect them against a cruising shark but not an aggressively hunting white pointer. These sharks are protected by Australian law (The Australian, May 2002).

Source Citation:"Apparent failure of shark repellent device. (Lacunae)." Injury Prevention 8.3 (Sept 2002): 180(1). Academic OneFile. Gale. BROWARD COUNTY LIBRARY. 26 Aug. 2009
Gale Document Number:A92283009

Disclaimer:This information is not a tool for self-diagnosis or a substitute for professional care.

ArabicChinese (Simplified)Chinese (Traditional)DeutchEspanolFrenchItalianJapaneseKoreanPortugueseRussian

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