Friday, March 27, 2009

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Underwater Archeology can be seen with prehistoric sites representing many periods / years of time. Moreover, underwater photography in Florida presents proof that particular Archaeological artifacts did exist and hold human residence. A point in topic is equipment and mapping requiring geological surveying techniques. These tools are used to discover how people did exist, for water over time has over-lapped and distorted the living headquarters from earlier settlers. For example, a building or road development requires surveying techniques. Thus, untouched past environment is not decimated or destroyed; as seen in, today's harsh climatic changes. As a result, water or concealed ancient water-beds distorting the landscape will effect pertinent details of past civilization's secrets of life; obliterated from construction blasting.

In sum, underwater archeology teaches the water structure of a platform; as seen with wreck diving so the diver is aware of safe diving and exploration - whereabouts, within a distorted underwater structure.


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