Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Scuba Dive

Diving is shallow or deep water is based on how comfortable a person feels with their past underwater accomplishments. First of all, cave diving is difficult with challenging navigation / unmovable obstacles; by hauling equipment, since blending gases and re breathing is basis fast track diving, or breathing air - in underwater caverns.
Moreover, diving in warm water gives people a sense of comfort when balancing gear and decompression tables. Consistently, water is an equalizer where people like to have fun, while following rules of underwater, enjoyment.

Nevertheless, diving is based on a person's comfort zone, as dive trips can be (local, trips, cruises), highlighting physical underwater outings. For example, arm-chair divers talk about their experiences; but don't take action; based on their comfort zone In summary, diving is a community effort where people meet and and fun; in the water. In contrast to, isolated diving in a cave; where safety is based on individual assessment of the surrounds, rather than, group awareness.


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