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They were known as "nerds" and "geeks" in high school. But now we call them friends, There are 27 million "technology enthusiasts" in the United States, representing about 13 percent of all adults. And while they're still likely to watch Star Trek and play chess, their lifestyle and interests are much less, well, geeky than one might expect.

To create a profile, The Standard identified a group of tech-focused adults using data from Mediamark Research's massive consumer behavior study. MRI polls 26,000 Americans each year about their buying habits and personal life, and its data is widely used by marketers.

The Standard defined tech enthusiasts as Americans who use the Internet, have a home computer and own two or more high-tech gadgets. When surveyed, these individuals also say they are early adopters of high-tech products and believe technology is important to their lives.

It turns out geeks are rich. Forty four percent have household incomes of $75,000 or more, and 40 percent graduated from college. But they're not that young; more than half are between the ages of 35 and 54.

Perhaps most surprisingly, techies are not tethered to their computers. They are more likely to participate in almost all sports and leisure activities than U.S. adults overall. They travel, and they're heavy readers of newspapers and magazines. The TV show they're most likely to watch? Not Star Trek spinoffs or the X-Files, but Friends.

They're Wealthy and Educated
U.S. Adults Enthusiasts
Total 280.6 million 26.7 million
Male 48% 51%
Female 52% 49%
18 to 24 13% 13%
25 to 34 19% 21%
35 to 44 22% 27%
45 to 54 18% 24%
55 or older 28% 15%
Household income
$75,000 or more 25% 44%
$60,000 to $74,999 11% 16%
$40,000 to $59,999 21% 21%
$20,000 to $39,999 24% 14%
Less than $20,000 19% 5%
Postgraduate 8% 13%
Bachelor's degree 15% 25%
Attended college 27% 35%
High school grad 33% 23%
Did not graduate high school 17% 4%
Professional 10% 18%
Executive, manager 10% 16%
Clerical, technical 19% 24%
Other employed 26% 21%
Not employed, retired 35% 21%
White 84% 90%
Black 12% 6%
Asian 3% 3%
Other 1% 1%
Marital status
Single 24% 22%
Married 57% 67%
Divorced, other 19% 11%
One 17% 20%
Two 15% 20%
Three or more 10% 9%
None 58% 51%
Region of U.S.
New England 5% 6%
Mid-Atlantic 16% 15%
East central 13% 11%
West central 15% 17%
Southeast 20% 18%
Southwest 12% 12%
Pacific 19% 21%
City type
Central city 35% 33%
Suburban 46% 51%
Rural 19% 16%

America's Tech Enthusiasts

There are 27 million techies in the United States. They are early adopters of technology, surf the Web and own a home computer along with other electronic gadgets. They are obsessed with electronics:

* 78% sent e-mail in the past month

* 51% surf the Net for fun

* 30% go online daily

* 38% have a camcorder

* 27% have a home fax machine

* 23% own a home-theater system

* 21% play online games

* 15% have been online 5+ years

* 11% visited an online chat room in the past 30 days

* 9% own a Minidisc player

* 7% listen to Internet radio

* 6% have a laserdisc player

They're Big Readers

This group is highly likely to read Consumer Reports, Entertainment Weekly, Journal, Outside, PC World, Runner's World, Ski, Spin, the Wall Street Journal and Working Mother. They're less likely to read Ebony, Harper's Bazaar, Health, Hunting and WWF magazine.

They're Athletic

Techies are highly likely to participate in snowboarding, scuba diving, downhill skiing, whitewater ratting, golf, racquetball, martial arts, hockey and aerobics.

They're Investors

Tech enthusiasts are highly likely to trade mutual funds, use a stock rating service, seek financial planning advice and have an American Express Gold card.

They're TV Junkies

Techies are highly likely to watch Ally McBeal, E. T. Weekend, Friends, Malcolm in the Middle, Star Trek, The West Wing, Will & Grace and Whose Line Is It Anyway? They are less likely to watch America's Funniest Home Videos, Baywatch, Candid Camera, Malcolm & Eddie, Moesha, Shasta, Touched by an Angel and Wheel of Fortune.

They're Active

Tech enthusiasts keep themselves busy. They're highly likely to make models and ceramics, attend rock concerts, play chess, go to museums, shoot billiards and fly kites.

They're Eclectic

* 19% are liberal, 35% conservative, 36% middle of the road

* They are less likely to smoke, but more likely to drink

* 46% have bought a lottery ticket in the past 12 months

* 80% own their own home

* 18% keep tropical fish

* 70% bought a book in the past year; 53% read one

* 4 million go to the movies at least once a month

They're Globe-Trotters

A third of techies traveled overseas in the past three years. They are highly likely to have visited France, Greece, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Middle East, Russia and Spain.

Source Citation
LAKE, DAVID, and Karen Edson. "What Geeks DO." The Industry Standard 4.26 (2001): 54. General OneFile. Web. 15 Nov. 2010.
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