Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nanofilm Introduces Clarity Defog It Anti-Fog Liquid and Towelettes USA, LLC

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Now there's an anti-fog product that's unmatched at keeping optics clear, fog-free and safe. Nanofilm, leading maker of lens care products, has launched Clarity Defog It anti-fog liquid and towelettes. The new products provide safe, highly effective, long-lasting fog prevention for all lenses and optics, including eyeglasses, safety glasses, ski goggles, scuba masks, shooting glasses and sunglasses.

"Fogged glasses, goggles and safety glasses are more than annoying," said Jodi Groh, Nanofilm's Director of Marketing. "They can be a safety hazard on the jobsite, the ski slope, and for hunters, fishermen, motorcyclists and do-it-yourselfers."

In lab testing Clarity Defog It outperforms five leading anti-fog brands. In the first test, each of six identical optical lenses was treated with a different anti-fog, then held over constant hot steam. After 60 minutes, no fog formed on the Defog It lens. The others failed in as little as 5 minutes.

In another test, lenses coated with various anti-fogs were moved between a 30-degree freezer and a 72-degree room. Fog formed almost immediately on other anti-fogs. Clarity Defog It stayed clear, even after 100 cycles of heat and cold.

Clarity Defog It is so reliable, the formula is used by the military worldwide to prevent fogging on mission-critical optics.

"There are so many unreliable anti-fog products on the market, many consumers have given up on finding something that works," says Scott Rickert, President of Nanofilm, maker of Clarity Defog It. "They just put up with fog, and that's dangerous. Clarity Defog It is the anti-fog people can trust to work."

Clarity Defog It is sold at Wal-mart Optical, Amazon and other retailers. Reusable Clarity Defog It dry towelettes provide maximum long-lasting anti-fog protection. Three reusable towelettes in a plastic carrying case sell for $7.49 (MSRP). Defog It liquid is an all-in-one cleaner and anti-fog. A few drops remove everyday dirt and leave behind an invisible anti-fog barrier that lasts for hours. A half-ounce bottle is $4.99 (MSRP).

Nanofilm, founded in 1985, is a global optical leader in lens care and coatings. Millions of people around the world use Nanofilm products, including Clarity Clean It™, Clarity Defog It™ and other lens care products, as well as nanotechnology-enabled coatings. More information is available at

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