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Why are you supposed to crawl on the floor if there is a fire in your house?

Dear Melanie:

When there's a fire, the safest air is always near the floor. That's because the superheated air and deadly gases from fire and smoke fill the room from the top down. There is usually a pocket of breathable air about 12 to 24 inches above the floor.

If you ever have to escape a fire, choose the safest way out. If you encounter smoke, turn around and use a different exit. If you must go through a smoky area, the National Fire Protection Association says to get down on your hands and knees, and keep your head in that pocket of air just above the floor. The closer you are to the floor the easier it will be to breathe.

For more fire escape information, check out the activity Escape Plan on page 9.


* Keep smoke alarms in each bedroom, outside each bedroom, and on every floor of the house.

* Know what the smoke alarm sounds like.

* Plan and practice several fire escape routes from each room of your home.

* Make sure everyone can unlock all doors and windows, even in the dark.

* Know what to do when the smoke alarm goes off.

* Get low and move toward the nearest exit!

* Feel a door or door handle before opening it. If it is hot, don't open the door. There could be fire or smoke on the other side. Use another exit from the room, such as a window.

* Go to the chosen family meeting place outside and call 911 or the fire department emergency number.

* Once out, stay out. Never re-enter a burning building. If someone is missing, firefighters have special equipment and skills to perform rescues.

For more information, check out these Web sites: Sparky the Fire Dog at; National Fire Protection Association at; National SAFE Kids Web site at

Dear Dr. Cory:

My daddy had leukemia. How do you get leukemia? He is in remission now. What does remission mean?



Dear Genesis:

Leukemia is a type of blood cancer. Scientists still do not know how people get leukemia. They are working hard to find the cause and hopefully the cure for it. Contact with large amounts of radiation or certain chemicals can sometimes put someone at risk for developing leukemia. Smoking also increases the chances of getting leukemia.

Oncologists (on-KOL-uh-jists, doctors who treat cancer) have many ways to treat leukemia. We are glad that your father is in remission. This means that his body shows no signs or symptoms of the cancer right now.

Do you like science? We hope young people like you will someday help solve the mysteries of leukemia and other types of cancer. Keep asking questions and maybe one day you will discover important answers!


People with leukemia make too many white blood ceils and ones that are the wrong shape. The abnormal ceils get in the way of making healthy ones. They also build up in important organs and keep them from working correctly.

Blood cells are made in the bone marrow and the lymph system. To treat leukemia, oncologists try to get the bone marrow and blood back to normal. Some treatments include special chemicals, radiation, and stem cell transplant.

Dear Dr. Cory:

I stubbed my toe today and started wondering, why do we have toes if they just get in the way?

Clutzy Claire


Dear Claire:

Ouch! Thank goodness the pain from a stubbed toe only lasts a short time.

Actually, we need all of our toes to help us walk and keep us steady. The next time you are walking, notice how your flexible toes, especially your big toes, help push you off the ground to get you rolling.

Dear Dr. Cory:

I am 8 years old and have hair growing on my toes especially my big toes. Is this normal?



Dear Kelly:

Yes, it is normal to have hair on your toes. It is also normal to not grow hair on your toes. If the hair on your toes really bothers you, please talk with your parent or guardian. If needed, there are ways to remove unwanted hair, such as trimming the hair with manicure scissors.


It is said that King Charles VIII of France had six toes. This made wide, square-toed shoes all the fashion rage!


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Cory. "Ask Dr. Cory." Jack & Jill Nov.-Dec. 2009: 32+. General OneFile. Web. 3 Feb. 2010. .

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Disclaimer:This information is not a tool for self-diagnosis or a substitute for professional care.

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