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Scuba Diving and swimming pools boats

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An ex-pat British trucker has just retired. And now, with plenty of time on his hands, he is thinking about new homes, swimming pools boats and scuba diving. Florida resident Lindsay Randall isn't worried about how he is going to pay for all those luxuries, as he has just won a tasty $3.8 million on the Florida lottery. Randall, 49, was the first of three winners who shared the jackpot of $20million to redeem his ticket. He could have received his winnings over 30 years in annual instalments of $222,222, but opted to take his money in a lump sum, despite incurring a higher tax penalty of almost 50% of his winnings. He plans to build a new home with a swimming pool, in Fort White, in the northern part of the state where he has lived for the past seven years. Randall is a former owner- operator who has lived in the United States for 30 years. He's been playing the lottery since 1988, and couldn't believe he had won when he checked his numbers: 'I just kept looking at them over and over,' he confesses. A few hours later, Randall contacted his mother to tell her the news. 'She said I was kidding, and went off to make a cup of tea,' he recalls. Randall stored his ticket in a cabinet at his home while he kept working. Then he did what every truck driver would like to do. 'I told my dispatcher when I returned, that this would be my last run, because I had won the lottery,' Randall says. 'He said good luck to me and wished me well.'

DRUG TRUCKER WAS DOA During an incident on June 4 at a State Police road check in North Carolina, Georgia-based trucker Junior Lester died after a struggle with police officers. The incident happened on Highway 74 in Mecklenburg County when the trucker pulled into the road check area, jumped from his cab and ran from the officers. Two police who gave chase subdued him with pepper spray in the ensuing struggle, and cuffed Lester's hands behind his back. As the officers lifted him to his feet he collapsed and was pronounced dead on arrival at the local hospital. According to a police spokesman, the trucker had 'drugs on him'. He was said to be carrying a package of marijuana as well as a 'white substance'.

EAST MEETS WEST New-Age theories rarely find their way into the hard-nosed world of road transport. But drivers who are travelling in Germany are now invited to calm their nerves at Europe's first feng shui service station, which was constructed on a patch of land recognised by the people behind the scheme for its positive energy flows. The service station, at Gruibingen, offers an Asian menu alongside local bratwurst and jaeger schnitzel fare all, served in a butterfly-shaped eating area with 'harmoniously painted walls'. One German lorry driver who sampled its wares was asked by a TV station if he had felt the 'chi (energy) within'. 'No,' he replied. 'I only needed a pee.'


MAN-ERF have launched a dual-branded emergency roadside assistance programme called EuroService 24. As its name suggests, the system operates throughout Europe. EuroService 24 draws on the strengths of the existing MAN EuroService and ERF Freeway assistance programmes. The company says it will 'offer operators an even greater level of speed and effectiveness, to rival the best roadside assistance schemes currently available.'

DANGER COURSE EP Training Services is holding a series of seminars to cover the new regulations on the carriage of dangerous goods and the use of transport pressure equipment which come into effect in spring 2004. If you're interested in taking part, the course is at Great Bookham Surrey Training Centre on October 2 and 30 this year. Call 01372 450800 for details.

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