Monday, January 4, 2010

Dive right in, the water's fine.(App Snaps: application snapshots thatshow how handy a sensor can be)(Aqua Cat Cruises uses Onset ComputerCorp.'s 10 HOBO underwater data loggers ). USA,

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Dive Right In, the Water's Fine If you've ever boarded a cruise ship headed for the Bahamas, you probably ended up spending as much time under water as above, exploring various dive sites and their coves. Have you ever wondered who might be helping those aquatic areas thrive?

Aqua Cat Cruises not only offers its passengers scuba diving and snorkeling adventures, it helps monitor and maintain the health of its underwater Bahamian destinations.

Aqua Cat recently purchased 10 HOBO Water Temp Pro underwater data loggers from Onset Computer Corp. and installed them on various dive sites in the Exumas (a string of islands and cays in the Bahamas). These data loggers are instrumental in monitoring coral growth and the overall health of these reefs by measuring water temperatures every 15 min. for a period of five years. Precision sensors and 12-bit resolution provide [+ or -] 0.2 [degrees]C accuracy over the full measurement range of 0 [degrees]C-50 [degrees]C in the water and 20 [degrees]C-70 [degrees]C in the air. Bruce Purdy, president of Aqua Cat Cruises, recently returned from all installation trip where these devices were installed at popular sites in the Exuma Cays.

Coral bleaching and algae growth in the area prompted this program. Currents that flow through the Exuma Sound bring varied water temperatures through the reef system. Once current water temperatures are taken, they will be compared from each site within the park. These temperature readings will be instrumental in determining the cause of changes in the reef and whether or not further efforts should be initiated to preserve this precious system.

The Bahamas Ministries of Out Island Tourism and Marine Conservation are both extremely interested in the results garnered from tiffs project. Aqua Cat plans to share timyearly data it retrieves with these and other conservancy groups.

Contact Beth Oliveira, Aqua Cat Cruises, Miami, FL; 888-327-9600, info@aqua, Or contact Onset Computer Corp., Bourne, MA; 800564-4377,, www,

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