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Submarine scuba lockers support (how to get yours). USA, LLC

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Recent results of Diving Operation Readiness Assessments (DORA) and Naval Safety Center (NSC) diving safety surveys have indicated a downward trend in the performance of dive locker administration and diving operations by ships force scuba divers in the submarine community. To halt the downward trend, NSC divers, with Type Commander's support, have developed a two-day diving training session intended to standardize submarine scuba locker administrative programs and reinforce proper operational diving techniques. The Naval Safety Center is available to conduct training for all submarine scuba lockers in the Norfolk area through the months of August, and September 2004. Units in the Tidewater area can schedule training at the first available opportunity by contacting CWO2 Doug Fasseel, NSSC Norfolk at 757-485-6916, email:

Training for units located in New London, CT will be conducted 30-31 Aug or 01-02 Sep 2004 at the Escape Training Facility at NAVSUBSCOL, Groton. Units can schedule training during one of the two sessions available by contacting LT Daniel Corey, CSG2 at 860-694-3205, email: Each command must provide two complete sets of scuba gear for use and maintenance demonstrations during training.

This is a required one-time training per COMSUBLANT 221404Z JUL 04 for the evolution intended to improve submarine scuba locker practices and operations throughout the Atlantic Fleet. Each diver will complete requalification dives IAW NAVPERS 15560D (Naval Military Personnel Manual) Article 1220-100 (THE DIVER/EOD/SEAL/ UCT PROGRAM) during the training. Commanding officers or a designated representative are invited and encouraged to attend any or all of the training provided and provide feedback directly to CSL point of contact.

If the training dates conflict with unit specific schedules, contact your area point of contact and alternate dates will be scheduled. Units not in port during this time will be contacted individually for alternate dates.

CSL point of contact is CWO3 Dan Mikulski, Force Diving Officer 757-836-1289, email:

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Gale Document Number:A130213992

ArabicChinese (Simplified)Chinese (Traditional)DeutchEspanolFrenchItalianJapaneseKoreanPortugueseRussian

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