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Several scuba accessories are available to all divers. These accessories make diving safer, easier and more fun. The products include bags, wetsuit containers, gloves, console clips, speargun-mounted light holders, lights and haircare products.

WENOKA/SEAQUEST HIDE-A-PACK: Would you believe this 32 by 13 by 22 inch mesh backpack fits into a 10 1/2 by 9 inch pouch? This perfect snorkeling gear bag is constructed of 150 denier, polyester mesh and colorfast polyester yarn (for quick drying) and has a durable nylon bottom. The zippered, nylon carry pack will store a wallet, keys, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc. It is permanently attached and has a small nylon webbing handle. The backpack is closed with a draw-string and slide lock at the top and has two inch wide, padded adjustable shoulder straps that are box stitched at the top and bottom. It is available in black/black, black/royal blue, black/hot pink and black/hot green for $36.95. For the address of your nearest dealer call the company at (619) 438-1101.

SAMPSON INC. NEOPREEN KLEEN: This is an industrial strength cleaner that will disinfect and deodorize neoprene wetsuits, gloves, synthetic rubber or polyurethane products. The special rubber cleaning compound removes odors, salt and bacteria and has been certified by UL Laboratories. It will keep colors newer much longer and restores colors to older dive suits without damaging, breaking down or drying out the rubber. Sampson also uses environmentally friendly ingredients. It is available in one liter ($10.99) and four liter ($21) bottle sizes. For the location of a dealer in your area call the company at (514) 697-3711.

ST. CLAIRE PNEUMATIC GUN LIGHT HOLDER: When spearfishing in low visibility water, caves or recesses a light is a necessity. St. Claire has developed a way to let you illuminate your target hands-free. The Light Holder consists of two, heavy duty, flexible rubber pieces that screw down (with 3/4 inch stainless screws) around the back of the speargun. The light is mounted to the holders with two, 11 inch weather and UV resistant tie wraps. They can secure a light that contains up to four, side by side, C-cell batteries. A slot between the light and gun is designed to store one extra spear. $14. For the address of the dealer nearest you call (707) 763-3483.

HARVEY'S EXTRA LONG CUFFED GLOVE: With this five finger glove, divers who need the warmth of 3/16 inch neoprene will get the added benefit of an extra long, wide cuff that makes donning a breeze. The NT942G is recommended for use with Harvey's Aqua Capsule drysuits because the length and wide gusset make it easy to pull over the suit. The wrist can then be cinched down with the elastic, touch-fastening strap. The gloves are available in extra small through extra large in black. They feature raised rubber grip dots and exterior sewn seams that are glued and double stitched for durability. $49. For the name of your closest dealer call (206) 824-1114.

CETACEA BCRC2 CONSOLE CLIP: So, you probably think your gear clip is sufficient. Well, does it have a four foot long retractable cord? Cetacea's does. Its ultimate use is to hold a console but can also be used for lobster and abalone gauges or small lights. The swiveling Delrin clip attaches to a BC D-ring; zip tie the ball bearing swivel to your console or gear. The braided nylon string retracts into a black, high impact plastic cartridge that contains a stainless spring. The unit has a lifetime guarantee, as do all Cetacea products. $24.95. For the address of a dealer in your area call (800) 223-2833.

INNOVATIVE SCUBA CONCEPTS DRY PACK 210: Water-sports lovers are confronted with a dilemma--what to do with their stuff? The Dry-Pak has a large, PVC coated nylon pocket (water resistant to 10 feet), with a fold down top and quick-release snap that seals it against leaks. (Divers beware: It's not waterproof at depth.) There is a mesh pocket on the outside of the pack for water-safe items. It is secured with an adjustable nylon webbing strap and plastic quick-release buckle. It is available in black/pink, black/green or black/royal blue for $19.95. For the name of a dealer call (719) 597-2885.

DIVE RITE PRIMARY REEL: Dive reels are essential to cave and wreck divers, as well as those doing search and recovery and surveying. They promote safety when penetrating a wreck, cavern or cave by linking the diver to an exit or starting point and are valuable tools when doing search patterns, marking locations in low visibility water or setting a downline. Dive Rite's standard reel (4300) features 400 feet of #24 braided nylon line (200 pound test), a clip for attaching to the diver, a lockdown T-nut screw and an optional long winding knob for mitts. It is available with an anodized aluminum frame and stainless steel shaft and hardware. $88. For the address of your nearest Dive Rite dealer call (904) 752-1087.

WATERMARK SCUBA SEASOFT ANKLE WEIGHTS: Ankle weights are the perfect solution to float-away feet caused by buoyant fins and booties. They will also trim up to six pounds off your weightbelt. For extra comfort and flexibility, the lead shot filling is encased in rubber and generously padded with neoprene. The weights secure around your ankles with nylon webbing straps and plastic quick-release snaps. They are available in 1.5, 2 or 3 pounds and range in price from $27.98 to $34.98 per pair. (You may also purchase them singly.) They are available in fire engine red, neon yellow, hot pink, sky blue turquoise, royal blue, neon green and hot purple. And, Watermark will replace the weights at half the original price if ditched in an emergency situation. For more information or a dealer in your area call the company at (800) 939-5510.

GERBER RIVER SHORTY BC KNIFE: This small, affordable knife has a number of attachment options. Its hardened plastic sheath has a large clip and a small slot that will secure it to a belt or BC strap. It also comes with two buttons for permanent attachment to your BC. The knife and sheath measure 7 1/2 inches overall. The stainless steel blade is 3 inches long; it has a serrated and fine edge, a chisel point tip and a serrated edge near the hilt for sawing. Because of the handle cutouts, the knife is incredibly light, weighing just 3 ounces. The sheath weighs only 1 ounce. Ridges on the handle lock into the sheath. $33. Call Gerber at (503) 639-6161 for the location of your nearest dealer.

PIONEER SEALIFE TROPICAL FISH BAG: This colorful, tropical fish shaped bag is perfect for the marine life lover who has everything (and needs to carry it all, too). The large, 24 inch bag is made of a durable blend of nylon/Lycra and is padded to protect its contents. It comes in vibrant tropical colors--fuchsia, aquamarine, bright pinks, yellows and greens. Carry various beach items, such as towels, a camcorder and tapes, cameras and even snorkeling gear, with room to spare. The zipper is at the top of the bag along the fish's dorsal fin; the adjustable nylon mesh carrying strap is connected with clips and can be easily removed. The SeaLife bag is $39.95. Call Pioneer Research at (609) 854-2424 for the address of your nearest dealer.

OCEANIC OCEAN PRO: The Ocean Pro is a heavy duty, industrial strength light that is ergonomically designed for easy use. The fiberglass, reinforced resin handle has finger notches and a built-in lanyard eyelet. The handle is mounted on top, so you carry the light below your hand, lantern-style. The large on/off switch is below the handle, within easy reach, allowing one handed operation. The sealed beam lamp--the same type used for aircraft landing lights--is rated at more than 20,000 candlepower. You may chose between the OP-101 rechargeable light ($179) or the OP-100 ($89), which uses one 6 volt alkaline lantern battery. The OP-100 offers seven hours continuous burn time. The OP-101 lasts up to three and a half hours. The OP-101 has an O-ring sealed charger port at the rear that can be removed to plug in the charging cord. Call Oceanic at (800) 458-8880 for further information or the location of your nearest dealer.

DIVER'S BEST STABILIZING SHAMPOO AND LIQUID GOLD: Diver's Best has a team of haircare products for the active diver. First, the pH adjusted shampoo cleans hair of protein build-up, hard water minerals, chlorine deposits and saltwater residue. It has a special blend of citrus extracts and witch hazel to gently purify and cleanse without stripping color or curl. It also contains Panthenol for moisturizing. Then, mist your hair with Liquid Gold; a protein conditioner and detangler. It contains keratin, Panthenol, anti-static agents and sunscreens. Each product is available in 4 and 8 ounce bottles ($5 and $8 respectively). For the location of your nearest dealer call (404) 991-0033.

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