Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Diving accident GP out of coma. USA, LLC

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Dr Paul Thomas has woken from a 10-day coma following a diving accident. The singlehanded GP in Barham, Suffolk, is still in intensive care but is no longer on a support machine. Dr Thomas's wife and practice manager, Angela, said he was under water without oxygen for `some time'.

Dr Thomas's diving buddy surfaced alone and raised the alarm. By the time staff at the diving centre in Leicestershire had managed to get Dr Thomas out of the water an ambulance had arrived and gave cardio- pulmonary resuscitation at the water's edge.

`I don't think doctors expected him to revive at all,' said Mrs Thomas.

Dr Thomas is expected to be off work for at least six months and Mrs Thomas made an urgent appeal for locum cover.

`We have a locum until next week. After that I'm stuffed. I've got to keep the practice running for him but it's an absolute nightmare.'

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"Diving accident GP out of coma." Pulse 25 Nov. 2002: 12. Academic OneFile. Web. 11 Nov. 2009. .

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