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The new Sea Quest XR2 regulator: the power of precision airflow management. USA, LLC

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Time, tide and the progress of dive equipment technology wait for no diver. Sea Quest's top of the line, super high performance XR2 regulator/Century first stage combination is no exception. In fact, it's spearheading the charge forward. Packed with advanced features and sporting both innovative and practical styling, the easy breathing, compact and environmentally adjustable XR2 has eclipsed previous superior achievements in regulator design. It is an excellent all around regulator built to withstand the rigors and high performance demands of severe conditions and harsh use with ease and confidence.

USER DEFINED AIRFLOW: Airflow management has never been easier. Unlike standard regulators, the XR2 puts the power of precision airflow, as determined by environment or changing conditions, in the hands of the diver in the water, not the technician in the shop. The advantages may be paramount for safety and/or ease of breathing if your diving involves any variety of conditions - heavy surf entries/exits, cold or deep water, long swims, heavy exertion or even the normal pressure differences encountered during an average descent/ascent. With the technology of the XR2 at your command, you can adjust your airflow requirements before, during or after your dive, assuring yourself of a comfortable breath, fine-tuned for your personal satisfaction.

INHALATION CONTROL: Because dive environment, exertion and even physical conditioning dictate our air needs, Sea Quest has included two controls for adjusting airflow. The first is the large inhalation control knob on the left side of the second stage. This feature determines how much inhalation effort is required to initiate airflow into the second stage. When conditions are optimal (or in deep water) and very little inhalation effort is needed, maximum sensitivity is usually preferable. When the regulator will be at your side instead of in your mouth, such as during long surface swims or when it's ready for use as an octopus, the control knob allows you to decrease sensitivity (require more effort) and avoid the nuisance of freeflow. Again, these adjustments can be made on the fly, as conditions demand.

VENTURI ASSIST: The second adjustment feature optimizes venturi assist. At the top of the second stage housing is the venturi assist lever. It determines the amount of effort required to maintain the airflow. This high profile lever slides between positions marked: MIN and MAX. The MIN requires a stronger inhalation. The MAX position allows direct, unencumbered airflow (very little inhalation effort). The lever can also be set at any position in between for incredible airflow precision.

XR2 SECOND STAGE: This highly advanced breathing technology is incorporated into a durable, compact, lightweight and innovative low profile design. Air is delivered via a downstream demand valve. Owing to the reduced internal airspace of this micro-sized regulator, purging is remarkably easy and, with the large exhaust tee, exhalation is effortless. The compact size and streamlined design also help reduce jaw fatigue. Additionally, the XR2 incorporates an exceptionally comfortable, orthodontically engineered black silicone Comfo-Bite mouthpiece that further reduces jaw fatigue by securing the mouthpiece in the most natural position within the mouth.

The exhaust tee is angled to guide exhalations back and away from the face. The purge valve has a soft, rubber-like covering for easy purging and long wear.

CENTURY FIRST STAGE: With an environmentally sealed, balanced piston design, the Century first stage is made to withstand the rigorous demands of cold water diving and hard use, all while delivering air effortlessly. The oil filled ambient pressure chamber provides a barrier for the internal mechanisms against foreign contaminants such as silt and sand. It also helps prevent freeze-up in extremely cold water. The Century first stage has two HP ports. The four LP ports are on a 360 degree rotating swivel. This feature allows perfect positioning of all your hosed components.

Additionally, the XR2 comes standard with a three-eighths inch Pulsair hose, which has unusually high flow characteristics and is extremely flexible, strong and resistant to cuts or scrapes. Hose protectors are included.


High performance environments demand high performance gear - cold water, heavy use and deep diving all require a sturdy, rugged and reliable breathing apparatus that will deliver air confidently. Likewise, everyday recreational use demands total assurance. The Sea Quest XR2 encompasses all those needs in one highly practical performance package: an easy breathing and environmentally adjustable regulator built to withstand the rigors of hard use without degradation of performance. And, it's versatile enough for use in the frigid waters below 50 [degrees] F as well as the balmy seas of our tropical dreams. It's a great package that should suit the variable needs of most divers - even if your variable needs all occur on the same dive! The XR2 comes in black with blue accents and retails, with the Century first stage, for $410 (see accompanying chart for Sea Quest's other first stage/second stage combinations).

OPTIONAL ADD-ONSEon Lux computer $960
Eon console $900
Eon computer $850
Solution console(*) $630 to $750
Favor console(*) $450 to $570
Companion console(*) $290 to $410
Mechanical gauges(*) $176 to $230
XR2 Octopus $155* Price range depends upon number and configuration of
gauges/instruments. All prices reflect hose mounted systems only.
For information on this compact dynamo, contact Sea Quest at 2151 Las Palmas Drive, Carlsbad, California 92009 or call (619) 438-1101; fax (619) 438-3142.


* Environmentally sealed, balanced piston first stage

* Two high pressure ports

* Four low pressure ports on a 360 degree rotating swivel

* High volume, ultra flexible hose

* Compact, lightweight second stage

* Inhalation control knob

* Venturi assist control lever

* Downstream demand valve

* Extra large, round exhaust valve

* Comfo-Bite silicone mouthpiece

Source Citation:Sawyer, Ty. "The new Sea Quest XR2 regulator: the power of precision airflow management." Skin Diver 45.n9 (Sept 1996): 16(3). General OneFile. Gale. Alachua County Library District. 5 Oct. 2009

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