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Catching the spirit of adventure. (Kauai's travel industry)(Hawaii). USA, LLC

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Kauai has established a well-deserved reputation as an island that appeals to the active visitor. Easy-access trails lead hikers to some of the most dramatic scenery on the islands, beaches invite beach-combing, and luminous coastal waters welcome swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking and boat tours that access the Na Pali Coast wilderness.

* Na Pali Adventures, based in Hanalei, provides a series of boat tours aboard its fleet of power catamarans. In business since 1985, Na Pali Adventures takes an environmentally sensitive approach to its boat tours, fueling diesel engines with vegetable oil rather than fossil fuels and emphasizing the need for environmental consciousness to clients. Informative cultural and historic information adds to the value of the tours.

The company operates two Na Pali Coast tours, both of which depart from Hanalei Bay and make their way down to the isolated central valleys of the coast. The $85, four-hour excursion includes an hour for snorkeling, with equipment, snacks and beverages provided. The two-hour tour ($60) does not include snorkeling, although it accesses the same portions of the coast.

The company offers commissions on travel agent prebookings starting at 20 percent. Call 800-659-6804 or send E-mail to [].

Two companies provide a commission-able, land-based adventure activity for Kauai-bound visitors, with downhill bicycle runs that start at Waimea Canyon's 4,000-foot rim and travel 13 miles to the coast.

* Outfitters Kauai, in business for 10 years and offering a variety of activity-oriented rentals and adventure excursions, has added downhill bicycling to its menu, with two daily trips priced at $65. The four-and-a-half- to five-hour excursions include breakfast during the sunrise tour and light snacks on the midday excursion. Tours accommodate up to eight participants; Outfitters Kauai's Poipu office provides a central departure point. Call 808-742-9667.

With prebookings that pay 20 percent commission, owner Rick Havilland has developed a core of agencies that book his adventure activities. Havilland has a Web site in the works which he hopes will increase agency bookings even further.

"We put a strong emphasis on the setting and the natural history of the area. We have time to stop and explore as we descend," he says. "We think the quality of our narrative and the training of our staff are key factors in the positive response we've generated."

* Kauai Coasters also offers a commissionable downhill bicycle adventure, with rendezvous pickups in Lihue and Kalaheo. Breakfast is served by the Waimea Canyon rim in time for the sunrise over Waialeale. The excursion, priced at $65, is commissionable at 20 percent; owner Joshua Rudinoff is anxious to generate more business from travel agents. Call 808-642-2412 or send E-mail to [].

"Things have grown since we started a year ago," says Rudinoff. "We've had great word-of-mouth. It's a wonderful trip, and just about anyone can do it. There are 150 yards of pedaling, [but it's mainly] downhill. We've got classic, wide-tire cruiser bicycles with special drum brakes designed for downhill coasting."

Source Citation:Seiden, Allan. "Catching the spirit of adventure." Travel Agent 287.n6 (August 18, 1997): H9(1). Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Collection. Gale. BROWARD COUNTY LIBRARY. 30 Sept. 2009

ArabicChinese (Simplified)Chinese (Traditional)DeutchEspanolFrenchItalianJapaneseKoreanPortugueseRussian

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