Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hammerhead Shark

Lingemann, Linda S. SURVIVAL IN THE SEA: The Story of a Hammerhead Shark. Il. by Stephen Marchesi. ISBN 1-56899-769-8. Norwalk, CT: Soundprints, 1999. 32 pp. $15.95. The underwater world of the scalloped hammerhead shark comes alive in this informative book. The shark gives birth, gets hooked by a fishing line, avoids scuba divers, and eats fishy delectables. Other sea creatures also are described in this realistically illustrated book. The glossary and index will help readers to better appreciate and understand marine life and habitats. Ages 5-10. Reviewed by Andrea Bartlett, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Named Works: Survival in the Sea: The Story of a Hammerhead Shark (Book)

Source Citation:Bartlett, Andrea. "SURVIVAL IN THE SEA: The Story of a Hammerhead Shark." Childhood Education 77.2 (Winter 2000): 107. General OneFile. Gale. BROWARD COUNTY LIBRARY. 10 May 2009


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