Saturday, April 25, 2009


The Gray Whale and marine mammals will migrate thousands of miles from Mexico for a feeding cycle - in the winter cycle - in the Arctic.

In the winter, birds and marine mammals seek shelter / food; in a bay area. Gray Whales arrive in North American water, portraying winter time has arrived; while the Gray Whales feed, in the Arctic. However, the gray Whale's feeding algorithm is displaced by shorter light in the Arctic.

Moreover, the Gray Whale is traveling miles north into the Arctic (past their migration route), past their origin from Mexico to Arctic.

Consequently, the migration patterns, of the Gray Whale and migration birds are taking a longer route to collect more and feast on a greater amount of food. Hence, environmental changers may influence the migration routes of animals need for food and shelter, in today's climate.

Thus, the Gray Whale's feeding habits are changing; as the Gray Whales migration time pattern is delayed by the Gray Whale returning back to Mexico from the Arctic - as the food resources are changing in the Arctic zone.


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